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Bankcard Revelation is committed to helping business owners become more knowledgeable about their credit card processing by providing an audit to compare other similar businesses in the merchant service industry. Utilizing recent merchant services statements, Bankcard Revelation advisors will take an unbiased observation of your current setup and layout the pros and cons to let you determine if you need to plan for any changes.

Bankcard Revelation ADVISORS are your ADVOCATES when it comes to fair pricing with merchant services and payroll. Where some companies take a percentage of your savings, (often 10-15%), Bankcard Revelation earns your business by working with you for an entire year ensuring your pricing doesn't creep back up. Simply keep what you save. Bankcard Revelation will always be on your side.

Bankcard Revelation is an online resource, dedicated to helping business owners understand this complicated and ever changing world of Merchant Services. Credit card processing is an essential part of how your business operates and often times a major factor to your bottom-line. Isn’t it time you take control and educate yourself and your business with knowledge that some processors don’t want you to know? We at Bankcard Revelation want to help.

Bankcard Revelation. To help merchants realize the true cost of accepting credit cards.

Client Testimonials


As our company grew, so did our fees. Bankcard Revelation helped find ways to cut fees and keep more of our profits.

Amy Holland, Newport Beach, CA


I didn't have a clue that I was overpaying as much as I was. My business is saving so much more money each month.

Jason Goodman, Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats a monthly minimum fee?

The minimum processing fee is standard in the merchant service industry but the fee amount may vary or even be waived in some cases. The most common fee amount is $25. The sum of the total monthly sales multiplied by the discount rate (percentage for each card type) and transaction fees must equal $25 or greater or the difference will be applied to the end of month bill.

What type of equipment do I need?

Whether you have an existing business or opening a new business, its always important to have a credit card terminal that best suits your business needs. This can range from a simple stand alone terminal to a sophisticated Point of Sale System.

Check out our FAQs page for more information!

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