The new AmEx program, referred to internally as ‘OptBlue’, is an offering by American Express that will eventually replace the OnePoint/ESA programs. This new AmEx program will allow Acquirers (credit card processor) to price merchants similar to other card brands such as Visa, Mastercard, and Discover through the standard Interchange Plus model. AmEx’s rates are based on the business type of the merchant and the average ticket of the transaction. In addition, OptBlue will raise the existing $500K cap in annual American Express volume to $1MM.

OptBlue merchants will receive a consolidated statement just as they would under OnePoint, which began in 2007. Other standard features of the program include; faster fund availability, one-stop service, and of course a lower discount rate/pricing. Direct ESA accounts through AmEx receive separate activity statements and funding.

There are currently 6 partners participating in the rollout of OptBlue; Heartland Payment Systems, Vantiv Inc., Global Payments, WorldPay, TransFirst LLC, and JetPay.

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