When it comes to credit card processing scams, we often think of identity theft and stolen credit cards. From a business perspective the impacts of such crimes translate to chargeback disputes that can cause business owners to lose not only the merchandise, but the cost of goods and time needed to provide credit card companies with evidence that justifies those transactions. Merchants are just not in the business to lose money. Fortunately, chargebacks are often rare in most industries, so merchants tend to not invest so much of their resources into such events. 


However, one thing merchants are quick to make disions on is switching from one merchant service provider to another if savings are involved. Unfortunately, business owners that rely on solid advice from merchant service representatives are usually over-promised and find out when it's too late. Such is the case when a southern California business was swooned into believing they would get a better rate with lower fees, and ended up in a long-term contract with expensive equipment leasing. An article from the local paper Epoch Times interviews the business owners and describes what happend. 

Small Businesses Warn of Credit Card Processing Nightmare - The Epoch Times

As more and more busienss owners fall victim to deceptive merchant service practices, they quickly learn that the grass isn't alway's greener on the other side. It's important to take the time to review and research any service involving a contract especially when it deals with finances. Bankcard Revelation provides resources to ensure merchants receive fair pricing, while taking the time to educate businesses about merchant service options that best suit their requirements.  

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