Bankcard Revelation Cash Back Rewards™ Program Information

How You Earn Cash Rewards: Earn cash rewards on your service fees when you use your qualified merchant service account to process credit card sales transactions, minus interchange, refund/credits and adjustments (chargebacks and payments). The following transactions are not considered service fees and will not earn cash rewards: Interchange and Assessments, Network Acquirer Fees, Issuer Settlement Fees, Transaction Integrity Fees, EIRF, Inbound Fee, Data Usage Fee, Authorization Fees, NABU Fee, License Fee, Cross Boarder Fee, interest charges, fraudulent transactions and certain other charges. 2% Base Cash Rewards: Earn 2% cash back (equal to $0.02) for every $1 of Service Fees to the merchant service account each billing cycle. Rewards Forfeiture: Your account must be open and in good standing to earn and redeem cash rewards. You will lose your cash rewards if the account is closed for any reason. Rewards Redemption: Cash Back is paid out per annual quarter via check. No cap. Cash rewards shall be issued for a U.S. dollar sum. Rewards Program Rules: Program Rules containing additional details will be sent to you with your new account materials. Other significant terms apply. Program subject to change.